Sunday, April 24, 2016

Into the Wild Blue Yonder part 2

Last Saturday I went to the air show in Peru honoring our WW 2 vets. There was fun, excitement, and So many vintage planes you could scarce take them all in. There were fly by's, flying in formations, period music was being played and several people were walking around in period uniforms and flight suits. One fellow had a full get up including leather flying helmet and an inflatable life vest in case he had to ditch!

Though there wasn't as much colorful nose art as I would have liked ( Pity ) many did have colorful names. "She's the Boss", "Spanish Lady", Naked Fanny" and "Ida Red" were some of the ones there. There were single engines, twin engines, biplanes, monoplanes, fighters, observation planes, jets, and oh so much more.

If you didn't go you truly missed a great show. But as it was wrapping up there was talk of doing it again next year so you may have another chance. Be sure to take it. Again kudos and many thanks to Lil Sidekick Nick for walking around and taking photo's I couldn't get to. Be sure to check out his interior shots of one of the TBM Avengers showing the rear gunners station and a mock torpedo in the bomb bay.

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