Sunday, June 24, 2018

Up...Up...and Away!

A few weeks ago Lil Nick and I along with Stephen Beatty drove over to Peru and took in the 3rd annual TBM Avenger airshow. This gathering of historic aircraft from all over the country takes place in the spring of every year and always draws out Huge crowds as well as dozens of vintage and historically significant flying machines. Out of the handful of airworthy Avengers still flying today 16 were at the air show this year as well as a squadron of T-6 trainers, a pair of P-51's, A couple Korean war era Sabre jets, a Russian Mig, a Stearman biplane and more.

The Grumman TBM Avenger was introduced in 1942 just in time for the battle of Midway Island and quickly became one of America's most popular torpedo/bombers of the war. Nearly 10,000 were built and they proved such a reliable airframe that they remained in service until the early 1960's before being phased out of service. This is the same type of aircraft as the infamous 'Flight 19' that vanished while flying thru the Bermuda Triangle.

In addition to the airplanes Reenactors were walking around dressed in period uniforms and flight suits as well as some vintage ground vehicles. It was a thrilling sight to watch as these mighty aircraft once more took to the skies and you could easily imagine a lonely patrol flying somewhere over the Pacific in search of an enemy carrier or two.

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Somewhere in France....circa 1944

Recently I and a couple buddies took a drive down to Edwards IL. where we were witness to a recreated battle from World War 2. With the anniversary of the Normandy landings only a couple days ago I thought it fitting to write about one of the defining chapters of American history.

Reenactors dressed up in period specific uniforms and clothing participated in a mock battle much like a real one that might have taken place many years ago (with less blood, of course). In addition to the soldiers there were authentic weaponry, vehicles, and campsites. I'm sure many a veteran would recognize the camps that were set up and recall what it was like to storm 'Fortress Europe'. I hope you enjoy the photo's as much as I enjoyed taking them.