Sunday, April 10, 2016

Just a Hodge-Podge

Lil' Nick and I haven't had a chance to get out for the last couple weeks so I'm throwing in a group of assorted pictures that aren't quite enough for an article of their own. Just clearing the shelves, as it were, to make room for the new summer stock.

First up is Matson Corners. This marker was placed at the site of the Matson homestead in 1942 by the Matson relative to honor Enos Matson. A fun bit about this marker is the road arrows and directions cast into the plaque. Giving approx miles to travel for Princeton, Dover, Ohio and Walnut.  Not far down the road is another marker honoring Enos and his wife Elizabeth and Peter and Jane Matson. Though hard to make out it is inscribed as having been erected June 21, 1936.

Then there is the marker for the Halladay school. It commemorates the 'First school West of Bureau Creek' and is also dated 1936. These are all just past the Red covered bridge and surprisingly quite easy to find.

Fresh posts are forthcoming, I promise, so enjoy these for now!


  1. I love it! Where exactly is this little monument? I live downtown, so I'm convenient to it.

  2. My brother and I own the farm, and we are descendants of Enos Matson.

    1. Thanks for adding that! I LOVE history especially local history


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