Monday, May 2, 2016

On the Lee county line

Recently went out with my friend Tom Anderson and we drove up past Ohio to see what new treasures we could find. We were just about to leave Bureau county when he spied a cemetery way down one of the side roads, so we drove down to investigate. Turned out to be St. Mary's catholic cemetery.

St. Mary's, also known as the East Grove cemetery, is just over the county line but serves Immaculate Conception catholic church in Ohio. It's a quiet, peaceful spot with large trees and gentle breezes to bring one peace and calm. The cemetery is well maintained, no broken or out of place stones and there's a well and pump on site. We saw predominantly Irish names but we didn't venture too far as there was a crew there trimming the trees. There's several large and unusually shaped headstones, which I'll show here.

So if you happen to be driving out that way be sure to stop for a moment and pay your respects to the people who came before us and enjoy this quiet spot in the middle of the fields.

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