Monday, March 7, 2016

The trains waiting at the station

In Amboy is the former headquarters building for the Illinois Central railroad. Built in 1876 by famed railroad architect James Nocquet it functioned as both Headquarters and train station for the city. Alas it was only in operation for 18 years before the railroad downgraded Amboy's importance to the Illinois Central and its Headquarters were relocated.

The train station continued until 1939 when passenger service was shifted to Dixon. The building went thru several transformations, serving as living quarters for employee's of the nearby Green River Ordinance plant during World War 2 and served as a transfer point for ammunition thru the Korean war. Finally the rail line thru Amboy was decommissioned with initial plans to demolish the station. But a citizens group saved the structure and in 1992 it was placed in the National Register of Historic Places.

Now serving as a Railroad museum it has the distinction of having the Last steam locomotive that ran in operation parked outside the building. Acquired from Northwestern Steel and Wire it now occupies a place of honor next to the museum.  If you're ever Wanting a place to go and haven't been there yet then it's worth a short trip right here in Illinois. Enjoy!

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