Monday, February 29, 2016

Tell the engineer! The bridge is out!

Recently I was in DePue for a photo shoot of the old Interurban tunnel. However I lucked out that day as there were Two abandoned structures to photograph.  Last week I wrote up a brief history of the C,O & P interurban and the tunnel that it used to run thru. Today I'll talk briefly about The railroad that ran over top of the tunnel. The Chicago,Milwaukee St. Paul & Pacific.

The railroad, which by the 1920's was simply known as the Milwaukee Road, was formed in 1928 after an earlier incarnation went bankrupt.  I've been unable to find much information other than the bridge started operation in the late 1920's and ended.......?  If any of my followers out there knows more I invite them to let us know in the comments section.

Again Many thanks to my lil' Sidekick Nick for doing the grunt work on this shoot.


    Try rays link and also try bridgehunter also
    Has all the old pics of bridges on tje line.
    Beleive before it was new york central line
    Then 3i, illinois,iowa,and indiana it stands for
    Was a rviver bridge that burned down when a barge hit it in the 60's.
    Used to ride the 4 wheelers from ladd all the way down through seatonville and depue down to the river. It was a nice scenic ride and alot of old cool bridges
    Keep up the good work!!!

    1. Thanks for your input Rick! It's much appreciated.


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