Monday, March 21, 2016

Resting in peace part 2

Last week I wrote about Corss cemetery, nestled in amongst the woods and tranquil and quiet.  Today let me tell you about Heaton's Point.  Located at the intersection of county roads 2100N and 1840E it is a little patch of greenery surrounded by acres and acres of fields.

It's on the site of the former North Prairie Baptist church which was organized in 1859 with about twenty members. They met in school houses and private homes until 1865 when they erected the church building at a cost of $1200.00. The church flourished in its early years having 120 members by 1870.

There are many interesting headstones in this one as well as a stack of them leaning up against a tree on the property. Scott and I surmised that they had fallen down at some point and were stacked there to avoid further damage.  One of the notable headstones we saw was that of Pvt. Michael Corl who served in the Maryland militia during the war of 1812 !  Next to his marker is a round, cannonball looking piece of stone with two metal eye hooks embedded in it. Placed there to display a flag perhaps?

Finally I made mention on my last post that someone should go out and trace over these stones so their names and inscriptions should not be lost. The Bureau county Genealogical Society can be contacted for more information on the local cemeteries.


  1. I'm interested in the North Prairie Cemetery located in section 19 of LaMoille Twp. I have entered all graves with pictures and other info into Find A Grave, an online site. I found as many obits as were available. These obits are available at the BCGS in a collection with pictures. Each person in the cemetery has a story. I wish more people were interested.

    1. Thanks for your comment Bob! It's such a shame that the current generation seems to have little interest in hearing and learning about the lives of their parents, grandparents and even further back. Each of these people had rich, rewarding lives and experiences and so much of that is lost when the older person dies without passing some of that wisdom down.


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