Thursday, September 10, 2015

One day on the road........

Little Nick and I stopped one day in a quiet park in Geneseo and came across a number of markers and memorials all in that one park.  I'll post them a couple at a time for your reading enjoyment.

The first is a statue of a Doctor reading to a child in his lap. It's dedicated to the physicians and staff at Henry Hammond hospital, in particular Dr. Arthur Parsons who helped found the hospital and to his grandson Dr. James Parsons. Between them they served the city of Geneseo for 72 years and delivered over 2000 babies.

The second marker commemorates the families of faith who put their trust in God and traveled to Illinois from Bergen, LeRoy, & Geneseo New York between the years of 1836-37. They founded the town of Geneseo and also the original Congregational church. the accompanying statue shows a pioneer wife bringing lunch to an obviously busy husband and father.

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