Sunday, September 27, 2015

Everyone's seen the Red Covered Bridge but have you seen This?

I read about this in a book and didn't think too much about it but decided to go out for a look anyway. And sure enough once you got past the sign over the entrance (Which has been photographed about a bazillion times) there was this brass plaque which almost seemed out of place.

It's been defaced by some aspiring artist at one time, and there's a rather large bullet hole in it but still it conveys the message it was originally intended for. The plaque is easily read and so I won't repeat it here but I will say that it was placed in 1936 and has been proudly guarding the bridge for nearly Eighty years. With luck, it will still be there for future generations to read, enjoy and love.

It's a Unique treasure that we in Bureau county are incredibly lucky to have.

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