Saturday, June 20, 2015

The Father of Bureau County?

I'm not sure how one would refer to Henry Thomas. It's widely acknowledged that he was the first settler of Bureau County. So from an abstract point of view, he could be considered the Father of the county. In much the same way that George Washington was referred to as the Father of our new nation.

On the Wyanet-Walnut blacktop, in a spot so forlorn you'd zip right past it if you didn't see the historical marker sign, is a marker commemorating the sight of Henry's cabin. The first known cabin in the county. It sits down an embankment and is surrounded by woods and weeds. Indeed, it looks like no one has stopped there in ages.

So on this father's day, let us pause for a moment in honor of the man who started the whole shebang in Bureau County, Illinois.  Happy Fathers day Henry.

A big Thank You to the various people from this site who suggested I take the time to stop and see this.


  1. Henry Thomas is the 5th Great-grandfather of my grandsons, Ryan and Tyler Jacobson

    1. Really? Thanks for letting myself and my readers know!

  2. Some of the Henry Thomas family was also the founding family and first land owners of New Bedford.


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