Sunday, June 11, 2017

It's in the Guinness Book of World Records

Illinois has many treasures scattered along it's roadways.  Old schools, century old parks and memorials dot the prairie along every small road and village. And of course, Illinois also has Route 66.  Established in 1926, route 66 began in Chicago and wound its way through several states before ending in Santa Monica, California. It's been immortalized in songs, movies, tv shows, books, and so much more.

Almost as famous as the roadway itself are the attractions one finds along it. Who hasn't heard of the gas stations with the colorful neon and giant dinosaurs. The little museums and trinket shops that sprang up to entice the weary traveler with a chance to buy a souvenir or two. The motels with cabins in the form of wigwams, recently parodied by a children's movie with giant safety cones. And then there's the covered wagon in Lincoln, IL.

A relatively recent addition to Route 66 it was created by local artisan David Bentley as a project while he was recovering from a surgery. Built of steel and oak, it stands 25 feet tall and 40 feet long and is ranked as the largest covered wagon in the World!  On it's seat, reading a law book, is none other than Honest Abe himself, measuring an impressive 12 feet high as he rolls across the prairie landscape.

Everyone talks about the places in the world that Must be seen. Egypt has it's pyramids, France has the Eiffel tower, England has Big Ben. And we have the worlds largest covered wagon just a two hour drive away. If you're ever down that way stop by for a moment and snap a photo or two. You won't be disappointed.

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