Sunday, February 19, 2017

Three for the price of one!

Often in my travels I come across a two for one special. That is to say I go looking for one spot and end up finding two close together, thus doubling my pleasure. But Saturday I took a drive up and found not only an old Cemetery..And an abandoned church..But ALSO an abandoned country school, literally within a stones throw of each other. I'm referring of course to Searl Ridge.

Originally called Hoskins Prairie, The name was changed in the 1830's to reflect the efforts of five Searl brothers who settled in the area & held many public offices, even lending a hand when it came to breaking what would become Bureau county away from Putnam.  One of the oldest farm houses in the county was built by Brown Searl in 1856 and still stands today.

The cemetery is a quiet, restful spot with many interesting and unique headstones. A couple of above ground vaults, a fenced in plot in one corner and at least one tombstone that appears to be cast iron. It's fairly easy to find I had the whole place to myself that day. Next week I'll write up about the church and school.


  1. My mother's sister was married to Ira Searl (that makes him my Uncle). I was 4 when my aunt died. The funeral was in the family home on Searl's Ridge.

  2. Robin Camp EikenberryFebruary 20, 2017 at 9:45 PM

    My father John Camp was just laid to rest there in November. His side of the family are all there. Holds a special place in my heart.

  3. Very cool info. I once went to the court house and research my house.. found out it was land granted by Franklin Pierce ( TWO Presidents BEFORE Lincoln) even dating back before Searls by at least 4-6 years. So old in fact our floor joists in the basement are LOGS.... with the bark still on them!

    1. Scott, that is Way cool! Thanks for sharing that with us!


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