Sunday, December 11, 2016

A visit to the Loveland House

Recently Tom Anderson and I were joined by Kimberly Watley and we toured an out of the way, but fascinating museum up in Dixon called the Loveland House. The Loveland family donated the money necessary to construct a "Community house" where all the residents of Dixon could come and enjoy walking thru and admiring items saved from the past.  It was dedicated in 1940 and had cost $200,000.00 dollars to build, (3.2 Million in today's money).

It's a sprawling three story manse that takes up an entire city block and in addition to the museum portion it has a dining hall that can seat up to 200 persons, a men and a ladies lounge,  A small auditorium and is fully handicapped accessible.  It's less than an hours drive away and well worth the time to go visit when you're bored of sitting at home. It should be noted the museum is only open on Thursday & Friday from 9 am till 2 pm and Saturday's from 10 until 3.

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