Sunday, November 13, 2016

Overlooking the Rock River

In Dixon stands a little park just off Galena road called Presidents park. There you'll find the only statue that shows Abraham Lincoln dressed as a soldier. He wears a sword and a belt and is carrying a coat over one arm and commemorates his service during the Blackhawk indian wars of 1832. The statue was dedicated on  September 24th, 1930.

 When the war broke out Lincoln, who was only 23 at the time, joined the militia at Ft. Dixon and was given the rank of captain.  He never saw actual combat but was present for the aftermath of the Battle of Kellog's Grove and the Battle of Stillman's Run. He ended the war in an independent spy company under the command of Capt. Jacob Early.

It's appropriate that the statue is in Presidents park as that is also the site of Fort Dixon, where he would have been sworn into the militia.  On the banks of the Rock river it includes the statue of Lincoln and also a recreation of John Dixon's settlers cabin. It was closed the day we visited but is open periodically for visitors to explore inside. It's a quiet, peaceful place and the day we were there there wasn't a soul around save for my helper Tom and myself.

It's situated between Peoria Ave. and Galena Road in Dixon. Go across the bridge and taken an immediate right hand turn and it's only half a block farther on. There's ample parking and benches for people to sit on and reflect. On a more humorous note I remarked to Tom Anderson     'Can you imagine living in a cabin like this back in the day?'. He replied, 'It wouldn't have been so bad. There's a McDonald's just up the street!'

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