Sunday, October 23, 2016

FASTER than a speeding bullet

More POWERFUL than a to LEAP over a tall building in a single bound. Imagine it's 1933. The country was in the grip of the Great Depression. The people were in desperate need of some good news, something to cheer them up. What they needed was a Hero.

In 1972 the Illinois house of representatives declared Metropolis the official home of Superman.  In the town square there stands a 12 foot tall reminder of that uniquely heroic icon.  Put up in 1993 and cast from solid bronze it was replacing an earlier one that was made of fiberglass (And apparently full of bullet holes).  At the bottom of the statue is the motto for which this hero is best remembered. Truth-Justice-and the American Way.

Just two blocks down from the Man of Steel is a smaller statue of his main squeeze in life, intrepid reporter Lois Lane. Also cast in bronze, it captures her in the process of writing down a tidbit of juicy information, probably for some blockbuster article she's working on.

  Metropolis loves it's claim to fame. There's a Superman museum across the street from the statue. just down the street there's a Superman costume in the window of the local gym. The local paper is even named the Daily Planet. There's several other sights in town, making this a  great all day visit for just yourself or your family.

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