Sunday, August 28, 2016

The Lil' Nick Special

This weekend was the Bureau County fair! A whole week of fun, festivities, fattening foods that would make a doctor weep at the thought of calories consumed and cholesterol levels shot.  There were exhibits and contests including one that this humble adventurer won a prize at.  But this weekend was Also Depot Days in Amboy. Also well attended and with much the same results.

Last week I, Tom Anderson and Lil' Nick happened to find ourselves up in Lee county meeting fellow photographer and history enthusiast, Kimberly Wattley.  Kimberly agreed to meet us at the depot museum and we chatted for about 45 minutes on places to go and people to see and I have high hopes she'll join us on some future expedition.

As she and I sat and talked Tom and Lil' Nick decided to take a closer look at the depot and locomotive. The last time we were there there had been some construction going on and the engine had been stripped prior to a fresh coat of pain. Now that it was all put together they wanted to check things out.  The following photo's were ALL taken by my Lil sidekick Nick. If you know him, congratulate him on a Job Well Done.

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