Sunday, June 19, 2016

Just how Odd are You?

Recently in our travels we made our way up to Lee Center. We had heard of an old hotel/stage coach stop that way and we wanted to see if we could find it. ( We did ). But as it turns out there's a few more interesting buildings in Lee Center besides the hotel so we went Exploring.

Dedicated on Wednesday, September the 10th, 1913 the Odd Fellows lodge # 1004 was installed in a brand new building donated by Ninety three year old Abigail Haskell in remembrance of her husband. Though elderly and frail she attended the dedication ceremonies and the Grand Ball that occurred that evening.

The lodge held their meetings in the upper floors of the structure while downstairs it was used at first for storage but later turned into a grocery store. I couldn't find the date the lodge folded, perhaps one of my readers might share that?

The day we stopped the current owner of the building graciously allowed us to come onto the property and snap some photo's and gave Lil' Nick a brief history of the building. Of particular interest to Tom were the two cornerstones on either end of the building which according to the owner contained time capsules. He made a couple remarks, purely in jest I'm sure, about coming back one dark night and making off with them!

This is just one of several intriguing spots up in Lee Center to go and see. So if you ever want to get out of the house and decide on a road trip you might consider meandering up that way.

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