Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The Bells are a'Ringing

Recently Little Nick and I went thru Sublette and came across a couple items of note. We stopped by the fire house and found a big silver bell in a small grassy area in the road. Alas there were no markings of any kind on it. When we asked the man at the fire house what it was from we struck out. We were told to go across the street to the lumberyard, but they didn't know either. Maybe one of my followers can fill us in?

The second bell we came across had a plaque identifying it so we got luckier there. The plaque stated that this bell rang every morning from 1861 to 1957. For those math challenged (like me) that's Ninety Six YEARS!  Imagine the sound of that bell ringing every day not only for you, but for your Parents, and for THEIR parents.  That's a LOT of history. And on a side note it's interesting to note the bell was made at the foundry of C.S. Bell & Co.

If you ever have a chance take a minute to stop up in Sublette and take a second to reach out and touch something that's been around for 154 years. If you close your eyes you can almost feel the vibration of the clapper hitting the bell.

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