Saturday, July 4, 2015

A Tribute to our Retired Heroes

On this Independence Day let us take a moment and pay homage to the tireless hero that every fighting man needed at his side. That every battle could not have been won so easily without. I speak not of the fighting men and women of our armed forces but rather of their faithful companions. Their fighting vehicles.

Since the dawn of history Mankind has relied on transportation of some sort to aid them in battle. The Revolutionary and Civil war had horses and wagons. The first world war had early automobiles and trucks. As each war came and went improvements were made, features added, some replaced. Vehicles went from rickety Model T's to sturdy Dodges and Fords. Jeeps went to Hummers and so on.

On a recent trip to Geneseo Nick and I stumbled across this lot of retired military vehicles. Oh what stories they could tell! There were half tons, full tons, utility vehicles, even a 1950's era military ambulance.  Not sure what they were there for, if they were for sale, if they were being restored, etc. But if you're a former soldier you can appreciate this tireless workhorse which carried many a veteran "towards the sound of the guns"

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