Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Ringing the bell for class

We were recently invited to the home of Marie Roth to take photo's of a small bell she had in her yard with a possible rich history.  At first glance it was one of those small bells on a post that used to dot homes in the last century, but she told us an intriguing story concerning its origins.

There used to be a small school house on the north end of Princeton, Il. and she remembers her brother, who was the original purchaser of the bell, telling her that it had come from there when the school closed. I couldn't find any corroborating material to confirm that but its an intriguing story none the less. There's no real markings on the bell save for a manufacturers name stamped into the lower bracket supporting it. So I'll file this under 'Maybe so?'.

And while were were there she told us another tidbit about her property. Seems back in the day her front room had been used as a Post Office! In a bit of irony, her father had been the postmaster of Tiskliwa but apparently never knew of this fact.

Still, it's nice to bring this tale to light so that it won't be forgotten and fade into obscurity.  Many thanks again to Marie for inviting us out to chat with her.

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