Saturday, April 11, 2015

Nothing Left but the Memories

In my last post I mentioned a gentleman who allowed us to photograph his caboose. In talking with the man he mentioned that there was a military vehicle in a small town not far from him. He couldn't remember if it was a Tank, Plane, or a Helicopter. So we decided it was worth the time to go take a look.

We missed the turn off and had to go via a different route. Thank goodness it did because if we hadn't we would never have found the memorial plaque marking the site of Held, Illinois.  In researching online I found just a scant bit of information about the village.

"Situated on the Chicago & Alton railroad there once stood the hamlet of Held. There was a small general store, a blacksmith, and a lumber yard. Conrad John Held built an elevator in 1902 for the Hopewell Grain and Coal co. John Fehring operated the elevator and Fred Folken managed the store.  The general store operated until 1929 when the Folken's gave it up and the building was torn down. The elevator ceased operation in 1944 and was taken down"

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